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“Eco Safaris®  Films  and Felix Vallat has our full confidence.

For the past 10 years, he has been successfully  organizing our documentary shoots in Namibia.

We highly recommend any collaboration with him”

One Planet Productions

“ We had the chance to collaborate with Félix and Charlotte at Eco Safaris®, for a very challenging important documentary film in Namibia.

It was a long term partnership of more than 2 years, and it was a real support and relief, all this time long, so important when you produce from far away from the shooting sites. They were concerned by all the production issues as well as the editorial and artistic matters. All of us had the feeling they were part of our « crew », living a common adventure. It was a professional and human important encounter. I would deeply recommend to use their services.”

Bénédicte Félix, producer

It’s a pleasure to work with Felix. He’s very reactive, and helped us to set up a very challenging one year shooting

for our 90min film.

He knows very well Namibia, the different private reserves or national parks and has a very large network all around the country. More than a fixer, he was a key stone of our project.

And most of all, he’s a good cooker !


Floran Sax

ZED Productions

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