Meet the team

Felix Vallat

Namibia & Southern African projects


Dan Myburg

Photographer - Botswana projects

Dennis Smith

Botswana projects

Julien Naar

Movie director and DOP in South Africa

Hein van Zjil

Film Director, DP, Photographer

Elmar Baumeister

Namibia cameraman, drone pilot

&  VR  productions

Jean Charles Vinaj


Jerome Bouvier

Movie director and DOP in France

& Europe

Rubben Coussement

Guide and driver

Vincent Kronental

Photographer, Cameraman &

Movie Maker

Phillippe Pennuen


Joree Tjavara

Bush chefs & camps manager

Sonia Hambo

Bush chef & camps manager

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+264  814535855 - Clos Menard 01270 Coligny, France

  • whatsapp-512

Namibian Film Commission #2013/04813,

Namibia Tourism Board #TS001067

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