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Wild Instincts.JPG

Wild Instincts


Oliver Houalet is off to the Skeleton Coast to

meet the desert lions 

Planete+, One Planet Productions


Secrets of the springs


As part of a documentary series on underground lakes for the Arte chain, the One Planet team is questioning

the Dragon Breath Cave of Namibia

Arte, One Planet Productions

Professional Photography

Safari Planet.JPG

Safari Planet: The queens of the Namib on the Skeleton Coast


Perrine Crosmary takes advantage of the dry season to visit the Etosha Nature Park, an exceptional place

for mammal observation

Planete+, One Planet Productions


A quest for winds


Arthur de Kersauson investigates the

Southwest of Namibia. 

Ushuaia TV, De films en aiguille Productions

in the eyes of.JPG

In the eyes of


A humanistic and optimistic documentary: What can

we learn form children of the world living far

from our connected world? 

Vincent Kronental Films

living with wildlife.JPG

Living with Wildlife


Due to a worrying drop in biodiversity and in an attempt to protect species, nature reserves free from all human traces are being created all over the world.

Namibia, for its part, wants to make the bet of protecting its environment not only through its magnificent national parks but above all directly within its own society.

Curiosity Films

Selection Namibie  - Etosha.jpg

Safari Planet: from Etosha plains to the desert elephants


Perrine Crosmary goes in search of the brown hyenas on the skeleton coast. Space with preserved nature, rich, ruthless and fragile

Planete+, One Planet Productions


Eden, in the heart of the red desert


Olivia Mokiejwski engages in a crossing from north to south of the Namib Desert. It demonstrates how the preservation of the world's oldest desert is indispensable for animals and their inhabitants. She also hopes to see a desert lion. 

France 2, Bonne Pioche Productions

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