Namibia: the new arch of Noe


Cecile Cazenave

Magazine Geo, numero special Afrique, n  403

In  Namibia, wildlife has multiplied in the areas managed by the inhabitants. This increase generates tourism and income for local people 

Red hills of Africa


Albert Zadat & Jeremy Suyker

Namibie A/R Magazine voyageur, Numero 21

This article offers a glimpse of Namibia. 

Arib land, wild and intense. It gives the impression

of being on another planet

Namibia: life in the desert


Floriane Dupuis & Louis-Marie Preau

Terre Sauvage Magazine

Terre Savage magazine highlights the incredible diversity of the fauna and flora of the Namib Desert, despite its aridity.

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Namibian Film Commission #2013/04813,

Namibia Tourism Board #TS001067

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